Pine Needle Based Biomass Briquettes

We are getting pine needles from the uttarakhand forest, local villagers are getting pine for us. To manufacture briquettes we are using highly inflammable pine needles, wood shaves collected from local carpenters and saw dust from local saw mills. We have put certain quality parameters for procuring raw material which results us in high quality biomass briquettes for Lab Test Report

Smokeless NAV-URJA (Commercial/Domestic) Stoves

Our NAV URJA smokeless stove is based on the concept of gasification to eliminate smoke and to achieve high cooking efficiency under different cooking conditions to accommodate different end-use while providing an affordable and clean alternative to users who are currently using LPG or wood. The staging of air allows controlled burning of biomass to adjust the firing rate and better mixing with preheated staged air that burns the un burnt combustion gases released during the first stage thus eliminating smoke and reducing other pollutants such as unburned hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. We have developed a small-size stove for households and a mid-size stoves using gasification technology for using briquetted or loose biomass. The mid-size stoves are currently used in institutional kitchens such as restaurants, banquet halls, mid-day school program, company cafeterias, and temples to replace LPG. The small-sized smokeless stoves are targeted to rural families who currently use traditional stoves that result in indoor pollution.

Biomass Based Steam Cooking

We also have unique solution for bulk cooking where for more than 1000nos of meal is required at a time. This solution is extremely time and cost effective. Hygienic and healthy solution where all the cooking is done through steam.

Following cooking can be done using steam

Rice (45-50Kgs) Dal (30-35 kgs)
Vegetable Milk /Water Boiling
Chicken Idli Tea
Sambar Kheer

Almost everything which is required to be boiled

Biomass Based Water Heater

biomass based hot water generator are based on advanced technology and find wide applications in various industries, hotels, hostels, lodges, and PG hostels. Our range is highly appreciated by our clients for the high performance, minimum maintenance and longer service life.